Our Vision

Bowman Offshore Transfer aims to be a world-class transfer agency company that helps customers and businesses achieve their goals. We vision to be the most trusted company.

Our approach centres on facilitating and supporting outstanding services by:

* Providing unparalleled    personal service.

* Proactively tailoring    innovative solutions.

* Treating clients and    colleagues with respect.

* Being accountable in all    we do.



What is Bowman Offshore Transfer?

Bowman Offshore Transfer is a privately-owned firm dedicated solely to providing security transfer, registrar and related services.

The company is privately owned by three individuals who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in securities administration.

Bowman Offshore Transfer is an accepted transfer and escrow agent for companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange and over-the-counter stocks, including those quoted on the OTC Bulletin Board, Pink Sheets and IPO.

What sets Bowman Offshore Transfer apart?

Bowman Offshore Transfer is set apart from other transfer agents because we are committed to building client relationships by providing fast, cost effective, quality services and embracing business principles based on mutual respect, integrity and professionalism. Instead of bureaucracy and red tape, our clients deal directly with experts who are dedicated to responding quickly to their requests the same day.

What services does Bowman Offshore Transfer provide?

We provide a full suite of security transfer and related services. These include transfer and registrar services; corporate action services; small shareholder buyback programs; subscription agent, escrow agent and disbursement agent services.

What companies do you act for?

While we have large-cap companies as clients, we specialise in providing services to small and mid-cap companies.

We serve over 4000 publicly-traded companies across North America, Europe and S.E. Asia, Over-the-counter stocks, including those quoted on the OTC Bulletin Board, Pink Sheets and IPOs.

What reports can Bowman Offshore Transfer Agent provide?

We have developed a computerised shareholder management system that provides clients with accurate and timely information, comprehensive reports and customised analysis including:

Shareholder Reports
Capital Control/Treasury Issuance Reports
Geographical Breakdown
Top 20
Board Lot Analysis (Share Ranges)
Depository Participants and many others
In most cases, we can generate reports within minutes of receiving the request.

How does my company appoint Bowman Offshore Transfer as its transfer agent and registrar?

To appoint us as transfer agent and registrar, your company will be required to execute a Transfer Agent and Registrarship Agreement, provide certain corporate documents to us and provide Notice of Termination of services to your current transfer agent.

Where are you located?

We are located in Hong Kong in the heart of the financial district. We have co-agency agreements providing clients with transfer services wherever required.


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