Our Vision

Bowman Offshore Transfer aims to be a world-class transfer agency company that helps customers and businesses achieve their goals. We vision to be the most trusted company.

Our approach centres on facilitating and supporting outstanding services by:

* Providing unparalleled    personal service.

* Proactively tailoring    innovative solutions.

* Treating clients and    colleagues with respect.

* Being accountable in all    we do.



Bowman Offshore Transfer offers a full spectrum of cost-effective transfer services developed specifically for small and mid-cap clients including:

Transfer agency and registrar services

  • Maintain security registers for public corporations
  • Validate and transfer ownership of securities
  • Maintaining control of securities issued and outstanding
  • Replace lost certificates and exchange certificates under estate transmission
  • New securities issuance, control and compliance
  • Certificate inventory maintenance and control.

* Bowman Offshore Transfer International Private Bank is the trusted private banking    partner of:
  • Lightman International Limited
  • Singapore Consultancy and Management
  • Fineline Group Holdings
  • Bridge Road Capital Management (Ireland)
  • Admiral Assets-Asia
  • Europe Finance Ltd
  • Chartwell Group International Ltd
  • MTR Australia Investment Holdings
  • Belgium Investment Consulting Co. Ltd
  • GACL (BOI) Bank of Ireland, Global Markets
  • US Strategic Advisors

    Subscription Agent
  • Safekeeping of funds and issuance of securities
  • Validation of subscriptions received
  • Provision of independent third party escrow services

  • Corporate Services
  • Provision of depository and exchange agent services
  • Communications with registered and beneficial shareholders and depositories
  • Disbursement Agent
  • IPOs and reverse takeovers

    Shareholder meeting services
  • Regulatory compliance for Shareholder Communications
  • Plotting of critical path for corporate communications to shareholders
  • Tabulation and reporting on shareholder proxies
  • Scrutineer services
  • Mailing of corporate communications including annual reports, quarterly reports and proxy materials

    Small Shareholder buyback programs
  • Provision of agency services for small shareholder buy/sell programs
  • Interface with brokerage community


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